I am interested in conflict and development. In particular, I investigate the institutional responses to violence from individuals, communities, and countries. I explore these topics using a number of tools including econometrics, analytical narratives, comparative institutional analysis, and natural experiments. My research aims to provide a more thorough understanding of the cartography of the structures of power, violence and individual’s resistance and a means to improve outcomes of security and development policies. I have undertaken a broad program of theoretical and empirical research studying two core questions. First, how governments rebuild capacity and, legitimacy within communities exposed to violence? Second, what are the operational mechanisms that determine hierarchies and order within extra-legal organizations?

I obtained my Ph.D. at the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Texas Tech University, and I am the former founding director of the educational think tank, Andes Libres, based in Peru. I lectured in Peru, Guatemala and the USA on Economics of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism and Quasi-experimental Methods. In June 2019 I defended my dissertation on the Political Economy of Violence and Development in Latin America.

In August 2019 I started working at the Norris-Vincent College of Business at Angelo State University as an Economics Instructor and at the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University as a Research Associate.

Fields: Political Economy, Development and Conflict.

Contact: eescalante@angelo.edu | edwar.escalante@ttu.edu
Tel: +1 325-942-2046



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